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How we can help you with your dental hygiene needs in Invercargill

Passionate about dental hygiene and ensuring that you can go on to enjoy a full life with a beautiful smile, our practice in Invercargill is your ideal solution. With expertise in most aspects of dentistry our staff can perform check-ups, treatments, emergency surgeries and more. At Dentist on Kelvin our services include:
  • Dental consultation
  • Hygiene and cleaning treatments
  • Cosmetic dental work
  • Emergency surgery
We offer same day appointments for broken fillings, tooth aches and dental emergencies. Call The Dentist on Kelvin today to book an appointment. We look forward to meeting you where ever you are in Invercargill or Southland!
Providing dental hygiene for an Invercargill man

Emergency surgery

Conveniently located in Invercargill you can come to us in the unfortunate circumstance that you require emergency surgery or treatment for your teeth. Our fully equipped and welcoming practice will put you at ease, diagnosing and treating your issue in no time. We specialise in dental treatment and surgery and are prepared for most situations, walking you through the process so that you are comfortable and calm. Please ensure you call up to book an appointment before you come in!
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Dental hygiene

Our highly skilled and experienced staff believe that everyone should be able to go through life with attractive teeth that they are proud to show off.

Catering to your family's budget and specific needs we provide complete care to help you maintain your dental hygiene. From veneers to polishing and whitening we are here to nurture your smile. If you are in need of dental care in Invercargill or Southland, come visit today!

A family dentist

At Dentist on Kelvin we are a family dentist passionate about your wellbeing and the health of your smile which is why we tailor treatments to suit your specific needs.

Whether you're looking to improve your daily dental hygiene or you want to relieve that nagging pain you can put your concerns aside and relax as our family dentist which services Invercargill and Southland has everything under control.
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